Design and manufacture of an autonomous vehicle for exploration and reconnaissance



Nowadays, technology plays a great role in the armed conflicts that develop in the world. Current technology allows us to equip the reconnaissance sections with tracking devices and obtaining information at a distance. For this purpose, an exploration UGV will be developed, which will allow advanced platoons in conflict zones to detect the movements of hostile troops by means of an autonomous vehicle, and thus protect soldiers involved in missions. Exploration UGVs can be used in many applications where it can be inconvenient, dangerous or impossible to have a human operator present.

The perception of the UGV will be decisive to fulfill an autonomous navigation mission. The safety of autonomous vehicles in the exploration and reconnaissance environment is feasible through perception systems capable of understanding the scene of a mission correctly and making appropriate navigation decisions. In this sense, current high-precision sensors and embedded systems, which are designed to provide a reliable response to unexpected changes in the environment of the autonomous vehicle, will require the accurate interpretation of their data. The high volume of data generated by such perception sensors are several million measurements per second that classify and identify the state of the exploration and reconnaissance environment.